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Where Paths Cross started out as the name for a collection of essays which Nicolas Webb had started preparing. The name originates from an idea of viewing politics through the perspective of human interaction. Our experiences of one another broaden our thinking and can change our perceptions. It can also lead to the sharing of ideas and the sparking of innovation.

The old right / left spectrum is no longer the best way to view politics. The principles of a market economy and social liberalism are now well established with mainstream majority support and while these matters are not closed to more detailed debate, few people would seek to turn back from the current trajectory. Much has been written suggesting a more relevant spectrum is open and outward-looking versus closed and protectionist. This project is very much at the open end of that interpretation.

From the initial idea, we are now looking at ways to contribute to political debate and decision-making. It is very early days for the project but this potentially could include working as a think tank, hosting discussion groups, campaigning on specific issues and providing consultancy on policy matters. The term "the project" is used to describe Where Paths Cross precisely because we do not want to place an arbitrary limitation on the opportunities to work towards political ideas for the public good.

Where Paths Cross

From the Project Manager

Where paths cross interesting things happen, ideas spark, preconceptions are challenged and friendships are built.

The essence of our being and the vitality of our lives stems from simple interaction with other people. From friendships developed at nursery through to the new people met in a care home, our lives are filled with decisions we each take individually but on the basis of an interpretation of a meeting with someone else. Not all interactions are positive. Sometimes crossed paths lead to cross words or worse. Without human interaction though the stimulus to vary one’s path would be lacking.

This could be a matter of how businesses seek the benefit of economies of agglomeration, how crime can be reduced through intervention, the way in which voters engage with democracy or how good ideas can become movements for change.

Where paths cross business can flourish, people can reach safety and communities can come together. Where paths cross what follows is a thoughtful next step.

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Our first report is currently being prepared.

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