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Technology and innovation are constantly evolving, but if the core message misses its target, then it will not have the effect you require. At Gorse Public Relations, we are experienced in providing and implementing both comprehensive and quick-fire public relations campaigns. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; every project needs to be tailor-made. 

Contact us for an informal discussion. We are based in Newport, South Wales but work across Britain. Our Director Nick has worked in public relations for nine years, initially as part of an agency and then establishing Gorse PR.

Clients have ranged from FTSE 100 house builders to start-up charitable organisations. Every project is treated with the utmost professionalism while also maintaining an open and inclusive approach to strategy development.

Political Analysis

Understanding political impact

There was a time when the phrase political risk management was primarily associated with overseas investments and emerging economies. In the era of multiple referendums, Brexit negotiations, asymmetric devolution and confidence and supply agreements, it is just as relevant when assessing how the political environment in the United Kingdom will impact upon your business or organisation.

The science of political analysis is not the art of prediction, but rather a rigorous assessment of the likelihood of potential outcomes and advice on how best to ensure that your project stays on track or is makes the most of the opportunities presented as the political climate fluctuates.

Where there is a need to seek to influence a political decision we will help you to do so in a manner which is effective and appropriate in line with lobbying transparency and best practice. This ensures the best opportunity to be a constructive influence while protecting the reputation of your business or organisation.

Services Offered

How can Gorse PR help you?
Our range of services has been developed upon a foundation of nine years experience of public relations and political engagement on behalf of clients.

  • Branding advice
  • Community consultation
  • Compelling copy
  • Crisis communications
  • Media engagement
  • Media monitoring
  • Media training
  • Planning and development consultation
  • Policy analysis
  • Political risk assessment
  • Press office functions
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Public speaking training
  • Research
  • Stakeholder communications voters.

Planning Consultation Package

The politics of planning
"They then try & run consultations which you should never go to because they claim actually that as a result of doing the consultation they have got residents' support"

The above quotation is not from a reactionary rabble-rouser. It is the view of respected Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office, Chris Skidmore MP. This is the challenge house-builders face, a Government that wants more homes built and MPs who encourage their constituents to treat the developer with the utmost suspicion. Meanwhile, the local council will no doubt expect for a consultation to be carried out which delivers the kind of robust results that is only possible if local residents attend the consultation.

There are a lot of political dimensions which are capable of knocking proposals for much-needed new homes off course. Gorse PR has extensive experience of working in this highly charged field of public relations. We encourage house-builders to provide as much information as possible, engaging with local political figures and residents at an early opportunity. This allows for the input from those discussions to help shape the planning application. Equally, it is important to be clear with the community as to which aspects can change and what cannot for the development to be viable and sustainable.

To help deliver this, and based on our years of experience in the field, we have developed a Planning Application Consultation Package. It may be necessary to include additional features to meet the requirements of the local Statement of Community Involvement or to reflect amendments to a proposal, but this package presents a framework at a clear price which would typically meet the requirements of a local Council.
  • Local analysis of the key political and community issues which may affect the application
  • Briefings to politicians, press and stakeholders (pre & post-consultation)
  • Informative invitations to residents to share their thoughts and ideas
  • Either a community consultation event or resident's survey
  • A dedicated web page providing project information and the opportunity for residents to leave feedback
  • A Response to the Statement of Involvement Report
  • An update newsletter for the local community
Use the contact form below to get in touch and we can discuss the specific requirements for your project.

Source of quote: Bristol Post, July 2017

Our Experience

How we have helped others
Experience and examples of our work

  • Encouraging community participation in planning
  • Publicising heritage events and destinations
  • Helping to launch a new charity
  • Promoting renewable energy projects
  • Advising a major industrial site on community engagement
  • Promoting development of a new Free School
  • Monitoring and analysis of Government aviation and airport policy
  • Enabling discussion on UK Government policy with regard to asylum accommodation which could offer greater security and better care
  • Analysis of UK, Welsh and emerging English city region policy development
  • Raising a major human rights issue in Africa with UK politicians voters.

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